Birman Cats have gorgeous features and beautiful baby blue eyes. Birmans are easy to care for, extremely healthy, and super affectionate. These quiet kitties make a great addition to any home.




            Are you looking for the perfect family pet? The Birman cat definitely fits into this category.  The Birman has been around since the early 1900’s and was originally from Asia.  This cat was known as the sacred cat of Burma.

          Birman kittens are born all white but don’t stay that way for long; soon after they are born, their coats begin to change. Their coats remain light with a golden cast, but they begin to develop characteristically dark points on the cooler points of their bodies: the face, legs, and tail. They have golden faces and exquisite features.  Their points come in seal, blue, chocolate and lilac. Their paws remain white and look like four perfect gloves. These beautiful cats have round, widely-spaced, gorgeous baby-blue eyes. They have a full chin with a heavy jaw and are generally very healthy cats.

            Birman Cats are large, stocky cats with perfect, silky coats; not too thick, and they don’t mat, which makes for minimal grooming.  The Birman breed is absolutely exceptional. With their soulful beautiful blue eyes, and their extremely gentle demeanor, this breed is one of the best. Not only do they have unique markings but come in a vast number of colors such as seal, blue, lilac, chocolate, tortie, red, and cream. They can come in a solid pattern or dramatic lynx pattern. No matter the color they will all have beautiful white paws. These kitties are extremely easy to groom with no undercoat, and no matting issues. The Birman breed can be traced back to England, France, Australia, and Germany. These kitties are known for their flare for drama, adventurous spirit, and wonderful personalities. A very sociable and companionable breed indeed!

            Not only are these kittens divine, but they have a wonderful disposition. They are very sweet-natured, well-mannered cats with a serene disposition. These cats are a popular choice for families because they are absolutely wonderful with children, showing your kids love and affection. They are very gentle but playful, but are also quiet cats that are unobtrusive when you don’t have time to play with them. Overall, the Birman Cat has a lot to offer.




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Characteristic Rating Description
Affectionate with Owners 8 Affectionate with Owner Most of the Time
Attention Requirements 7 Desires Frequent Attention
Compatibility with children 9 Excellent With Children
Compatibility with other pets 9 Excellent With Other Pets, Great Companions
Docile / Gentle / & Compliant 9 Extremely Sweet, Laid Back, Mellow, and Gentle
Frequency of Health Issues 5 Few Health Issues and Concerns
Frequency of Vocalization 2 Extremely Quiet and Not Vocal
Level of Activity 3 Low Activity
Level of Grooming Required 7 Frequent Grooming Required
Level of Independence 4 Not Independent, Prefers Companionship
Level of Intelligence 6 Moderately Intelligent
Playful (Love Of Toys & Games) 6 Playful Sometimes


Characteristic Characteristic Description
General Appearance A color-pointed cat with four pure white feet and long silky hair.
Body Style A Birman body is stocky and long, neither svelte or cobby.
Coat Type Coat should be medium long to long with a silken texture and a heavy ruff around the neck.  Coat doesn't mat.
Eye Shape and Color Eyes should be almost round with a sweet expression.  They should be set well apart with the outer corner tilted upward slightly.  Color should be a deep and almost violet blue.
Head Shape Skull should be broad, rounded, and strong.  There should be a slight flat spot just in front of the ears.  Cheeks should be full with a somewhat rounded muzzle.  Nose should be medium in length and width with a stronge chin and heavy jaws.  Should be roman shape in profile.
Ear Shape Ears are medium in length and set as much to the side as the top of the head.  They should be a rounded point at the tip.
Tail Shape Tail should be medium in length.
Available Colors CFA accepts seal point, blue point, chocolate point, and lilac point.  TICA accepts the four previous colors and cinnamon, fawn, red, creampoint, and torti particolor points in seal, blue, chocolate, frost, and cinnamon.  Also lynx particolor points in seal, blue, chocolate, cinnamon, frost, fawn, red, and cream.  Torbie particolor points in seal, blue, chocolate, cinnamon, frost, and fawn.
Show Disqualification Kinked or abnormal tail, crossed eyes, areas of pure white in the points or lack of white gloves on any paw.
Outcrosses Allowed None

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