The Devon Rex is an unusual looking medium sized cat that is completely unique. Devon’s are very easy to groom, are hypoallergenic, and make excellent family pets.


          The Devon Rex is a very unusual, exotic-looking cat. The Devon Rex was developed 1959 in Devonshire England, thus the first part of the name, Devon. Rex references Rex Rabbits because these cats’ coats are similar to the Rex Rabbits’ coat, being short, soft, and shiny, and sheds very little. People with cat allergies may tolerate a Devon Rex well because the lower shedding rate spreads less of the dander responsible for allergic symptoms. The Devon Rex has been given nicknames of “Poodle” cat because of its short, curly, rippling coat, and “Alien” cat because of its exotic, “elfin” appearance, with their large, elongated ears and huge eyes these medium- framed kitties come in all colors. The males generally weigh between 8-10 pounds and the females between 5-8 pounds.  .

 The Devon’s close-lying coat makes grooming this kitty very easy.  Their large, open ears need to be cleaned out weekly to prevent infection. Take care to be careful when cleaning these kitties because their whiskers are very brittle and can break easily. They are generally healthy pets but some suffer from hip dysplasia and slipping knee caps. Overall, they are active kitties with quiet voices and healthy appetites! These kitties have a very mischievous, pixie- type nature, being animated, playful and entertaining. They are very happy kitties and have a great desire to interact with human beings.  The Devon Rex’s made good family companions and do really well with children. They will hop up in your lap and even help around the house! Their curly coats and pixie faces make them hard to resist. If your home is pretty active then this is the right kitty for you.





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Characteristic Rating Description
Affectionate with Owners 9 Extremely Affectionate With Owner
Attention Requirements 7 Desires Frequent Attention
Compatibility with children 5 Tolerant Of Children But Not Recommended
Compatibility with other pets 5 Tolerant Of Other Pets But Not Good Companions
Docile / Gentle / & Compliant 5 Moderately Submissive and Calm
Frequency of Health Issues 5 Few Health Issues and Concerns
Frequency of Vocalization 3 Usually Quiet with Very Little Vocalizing
Level of Activity 8 More Active
Level of Grooming Required 1 Almost No Grooming Required
Level of Independence 3 Not Independent, Prefers Companionship
Level of Intelligence 8 Very Intelligent and Not Too Difficult to Train
Playful (Love Of Toys & Games) 8 Playful Often


Characteristic Characteristic Description
General Appearance This breed has a unique elfin appearance.  Its large eyes, short muzzle, and prominent cheekbones with the huge ears create its characteritic look.
Body Style Body is medium in length that is slender with a hard and muscular look.  Should have fine boning with a broad chest and the body should be carried high on the legs.
Coat Type Coat texture is soft, fine, full bodied, and short to very short in length.  Cat should be well covered with fur and the greatest density on the back, sides, tail, legs, face, and ears.  Bare patches is a serious fault, however down the underparts should not be misinterpreted as bareness.  A rippled wave effect should be present when coat is smoothed with the hand.
Eye Shape and Color Eyes are a wide set oval that slopes toward the outer edges of the ears.  Color depends on coat color.
Head Shape Head is a slightly longer than broad modified wedge with a full cheeked face that has pronouced cheekbones and whisker break.  In profile the nose has a strongly marked stop and the muzzle is short and well developed.  Chin should be well developed and strong.
Ear Shape Ears are large and set very low with a wide base and tapering to round tops.  Should be well covered with fine fur.
Tail Shape Tail is long,fine and tapering with well covering short fur.
Available Colors All colors and patterns including the Himalayan pattern.
Show Disqualification Crossed eyes, week hindquarters, abnormal or kinked tail, extensive baldness.
Outcrosses Allowed For litters born before May 1, 1998 British Shorhair or American Shorthair.

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