Maine Coon Cats are the second most popular breed- right after Persians. These cats grow to be very large in size, need light grooming, and have a wonderful disposition. Great with kids and other pets.

Eastwood - Silver Classic Tabby Maine Coon Kitten

EASTWOOD - Silver Classic Tabby Male Maine Coon Kitten


Date Of Birth:  2/19/2014



CFA Registration


          The Maine Coon is a unique cat with beautiful markings. This enormous kitty originated in the state of Maine. They were originally bred for their mousing talents, but came to be known for great pets as well. The Maine Coon is the most popular breed right after the Persians. They grow to be one of the largest cats, with males weighing from seventeen to twenty-five pounds, and up to forty inches in length!  They are muscular and broad-chested, with large, oversize paws referred to as snowshoe feet. They have large, tufted ears, long thick tails that help with balance, and heavy, three-layer coats that keep them nice and warm. Their head is medium-wide, with large eyes that are widely set.

            These longhaired beauties come in colors of white, black, orange, blue or cream in solid, bicolor, and tortoise shell patterns, with the brown tabby being the most common.  With their thick coats, they do need to be brushed twice per week. These cats normally have no health concerns and grow up to be very sturdy and strong. The Maine Coon has a gentle, easy-going disposition and a very loving nature. They enjoy water, and will sometimes get into the bathtub or dip their paws in their water dish. They are especially good with children, and they get along well with other animals, making them a perfect choice for large, active families who also enjoy dogs.

          The Maine Coon is a very unique cat breed. In fact it is named after the state of Maine and has been named the official cat of the state. The Maine Coon is thought highly of, and are excellent mouse catchers. These cats are built very strong and sturdy and are made to survive harsh winter and varied season of the northeast region. Their coats have three distinct lengths. They have long furnished tails that they strut around proudly, and often surround themselves with for warmth and protection. The Maine Coon is super sweet and very intelligent.



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Characteristic Rating Description
Affectionate with Owners 8 Affectionate with Owner Most of the Time
Attention Requirements 6 Needs Occassional Attention
Compatibility with children 8 Good With Children
Compatibility with other pets 8 Accepting of Other Pets
Docile / Gentle / & Compliant 8 Typically Sweet, Mellow, and Submissive
Frequency of Health Issues 9 Health Issues Extremely Rare
Frequency of Vocalization 2 Extremely Quiet and Not Vocal
Level of Activity 6 Average Activity
Level of Grooming Required 7 Frequent Grooming Required
Level of Independence 7 Does Not Require Much Companionship
Level of Intelligence 7 Very Intelligent and Not Too Difficult to Train
Playful (Love Of Toys & Games) 8 Playful Often


Characteristic Characteristic Description
General Appearance This is a solid and rugged cat that can endure harsh climates with a distinctively smooth and shaggy coat.
Body Style Medium to large in size that is muscular and broad- chested.  The body should be long to create a well balanced rectangle.
Coat Type Coat should be a heavy, shaggy, silky long length that falls smoothly.  Should be shorter on the shoulders and longer on the stomach and britches.  A front ruff is desirable.
Eye Shape and Color Eyes are large, wide set, with a slightly oblique setting and a slant towards the outer base of the ear.  Eye color should be shades of green, gold, or copper.  Blue and odd- colored eyes are acceptable in white cats. There should be no relationship between coat and eye color.
Head Shape The head is medium width and length with a square muzzle and high cheekbones.  Chin should be firm and nose medium long and slightly concave in profile.
Ear Shape Ears are large, wide at the base, and tapering to appear pointed.  They should be set high and well apart and well tufted.
Tail Shape Tail is long in length, wide at the base, and tapering.  The fur should be long and flowing.
Available Colors All colors and patterns accepted except for the pointed colors or a pattern that would indicate hybridization
Show Disqualification Lockets, spots, buttons, kinked tail, crossed eyes, undershot chin, or delicate bone structure.
Outcrosses Allowed none

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