The Russian Blue Cat is known for their wonderful personalities and their intelligence. They are easy to care for, extremely loyal to their owners and absolutely great with kids and other pets.


          The beautiful Russian Blue breed has been around for a very long time. This naturally-occurring breed originated in Russia in the 1860’s, and is considered a “true cat” by those who appreciate them.  They are a medium-sized cat, ranging from 7 to 12 lbs., with a muscular build, and brilliant green, almond-shaped eyes. The Russian Blues are known for their unique, silver-blue coats that have a shimmering appearance.  Only weekly grooming is required, and they are very healthy animals that normally live between ten to fifteen years.

          The Russian Blue has a beautiful lustrous blue coat that looks as though it has been dipped in silver. Not only are the Russia Blue Breed exceptional to look at, but they are extremely intelligent and have a wonderful disposition. Often these kitties are very in tune with the moods of their favorite humans, and can sense how we are feeling, giving us that extra attention when we may be a little down.

          The Russian Blue is very devoted to their loved ones and often shy around strangers. They will often run to hide when you get out the vacuum!  The Russian Blue love to fetch balls, love to lay in window and watch the birds, and require minimal grooming. They are a wonderful breed to have in any home!

 A Russian Blue is intelligent, lively, curious and loyal, usually attaching themselves to one or two favorite humans in the family from which they need a lot of love and attention. While non-aggressive and predictable, they can also be cautious and aloof with strangers. A Russian Blue loves to play with toys and even likes to fetch. They are absolutely great with kids, but may not do well in a home with multiple pets and lots of visitors. 




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Characteristic Rating Description
Attention Requirements 5 Needs Occassional Attention
Compatibility with children 5 Tolerant Of Children But Not Recommended
Compatibility with other pets 5 Tolerant Of Other Pets But Not Good Companions
Docile / Gentle / & Compliant 7 Typically Sweet, Mellow, and Submissive
Frequency of Health Issues 7 Almost No Health Issues
Frequency of Vocalization 2 Extremely Quiet and Not Vocal
Level of Activity 6 Average Activity
Level of Activity 6 Average Activity
Level of Grooming Required 3 Very Little Grooming Required
Level of Independence 8 Does Not Require Much Companionship
Level of Intelligence 8 Very Intelligent and Not Too Difficult to Train
Playful (Love Of Toys & Games) 6 Playful Sometimes


Characteristic Characteristic Description
General Appearance The ideal is a foreigh-type cat that has firm muscle tone and is in good physical condition.
Body Style Body is long, firm, and muscular with a fine boned appearance.  Should be graceful and lith in outline and carriage.  Should not have a tubular appearance.
Coat Type Coat is short in length and the double coat stands out from the body due to density.  It should be fine, plush, dense, and have a distinct silky soft feel.
Eye Shape and Color Eyes are rounded and set wide apart.  Color should be vivid green.
Head Shape Head is a smooth medium sized wedge that is neither long and tapering nor short and massive.  The muzzle should be blunt without an exaggerated pinch or whisker break.  The nose should be medium in length.
Ear Shape Ears are rather large and wide at the base with pointed tips.  They should be set far apart and as much on the side as the top of the head.
Tail Shape Tail is long and in proportion to the body with a moderately thick base and tapering.
Available Colors Color should be an even bright blue with the lighter shades prefered. There should be a definite contrast between the tipping and ground color.  Guard hairs should have distinctive silver tipping giving the cat a lustrous or silvery sheen.
Show Disqualification Any color other than blue,locket or button, abnormal or kinked tail.
Outcrosses Allowed none

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