Sphynx Cat

This breed is completely unique and fairly new. They are generally very healthy and love to get attention and play. They are great for pets and get along fairly well with other animals.




            Looking for a cat with character that is completely unique? Then look no further. The Sphynx breed is truly one-of-a-kind.  Originating in Canada, this rare breed is fairly new.   Sphynx were developed in 1966 and look completely different from the usual cat. The Sphynx has a hairless gene that makes them look bald.  In fact, though, they have warm peach fuzz all over their bodies and come in a variety of pigment colors.

            These energetic felines are quite the playful bunch. They absolutely love getting attention and love to play. They make for a great family pet and get along fairly well with other animals. They are very patient with children, and kids enjoy these cats because they love to snuggle, are full of mischief love to play games. These inquisitive kitties make a great asset to the family.

            Not only are these cats bodies different because they are hairless, but they also have a distinctive face, with their slanted eyes and large ears.  They have thick, padded, oval paws with long toes.  Sphynx are generally very healthy cats who tend to live for fifteen to twenty years. They have a high metabolism which makes these kitties want to eat every time you put food in front of them. Their litters usually consist of one to three kittens.

            These kitties truly are exceptional and would be a great addition to any family.  Both you and your children will love these cuddly creatures and have tons of fun with them for many years. A rare breed with its own style and personality make the Sphynx a great pet.




Sphynx Kittens & Cats Available For Adoption

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Characteristic Rating Description
Affectionate with Owners 10 Extremely Affectionate With Owner
Attention Requirements 10 Craves Lots of Attention
Compatibility with children 8 Good With Children
Compatibility with other pets 8 Accepting of Other Pets
Docile / Gentle / & Compliant 7 Typically Sweet, Mellow, and Submissive
Frequency of Health Issues 5 Few Health Issues and Concerns
Frequency of Vocalization 7 Talks (meows) Often
Level of Activity 8 More Active
Level of Grooming Required 9 Daily Grooming Required
Level of Independence 2 Not Independent, Needs Companionship
Level of Intelligence 10 Extremely Intelligent and Easily Trained
Playful (Love Of Toys & Games) 10 Playful Most of the Time


Characteristic Characteristic Description
General Appearance Appears to be a hairless cat, though not truly hairless.  It may be covered in a very fine down that is almost imperceptible to both the touch and the eye.  Skin should have the texture of a chamois.
Body Style Medium to medium long body length with broad chest.  May tend toward being barrel chested.  Abdomen should be well rounded with the appearance of having eaten a large meal.  Should not be delicate in boning but appear hard and muscular.
Coat Type Coat appears hairless and has a chomois like texture.  May be covered in short, fine down and may have a puff of hair on the tip of the tail.  Whiskers should be sparse and short.
Eye Shape and Color Large rounded lemon shaped eyes that are slanted to the outer corner of the ear.  Eye color should ideally conform to coat color but green and hazel is acceptable.
Head Shape Medium sized wedge with rounded contours.  It should be slightly longer than wide with a rather flat forehead.  Cheekbones should be prominent.  Muzzle should be strong and rounded with a distinct whisker break.
Ear Shape Ears are very large with a broad base and open.  They should be set upright and neither lowset or on to of the head.  The interior of the ear should be totally hairless.
Tail Shape Tail should be tapering from the body to the tip and have a whippy appearance.  Length should be in proportion to the body.  A lion tail is acceptable. (puff of hair at the tip)
Available Colors All colors in all divisions with white lockets and buttons accepted.
Show Disqualification Any evidence of depilitating, plucking, shaving, or clipping. Unable to handle. Any indication of wavy hair or suggestion of the Devon Rex or Cornish Rex in molt.
Outcrosses Allowed none

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